Apple TV App - but not like you think

  • 5 August 2020
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So people have asked repeatedly on here for a port of the existing controller app to the Apple TV.   Great, except that’s not what I want.  At least that’s not all I want.


I want an Apple TV app that functions as both a standard controller to the rest of my Sonos equipment, but also handles Audio Out.  


Why?  Because my AV receiver won’t allow HDMI video output to be paired with a different audio output.   I can do this with component video sources, but not with HDMI video sources such as the Apple TV.  I know, first world problems.


But if it (a Marantz AV receiver) would, I’d simply use my existing Connect or Port as the audio source and then use TunesMap to at least display what is playing on the TV via the Apple TV, and use its relatively limited controls for the associated devices.


Now, I get that Sonos needs to stay in business, and this would generally defeat them selling me more hardware to solve this.  But with already existing in-ceiling speakers (7) it would never get the go-ahead by the old ball and chain.  I’m also sure there is some AV receiver that gets around this problem with different audio and video source types, but that’s not an option at the moment and not a long-term solution.   I’m guessing I could solve this with a bunch of splitters or something, but that seems pointless too.


So what I’d like to see is an Apple TV app that Sonos sells in lieu of the Connect / Port, which would solve the problem (and could be applied to other media player platforms).   Given it’s software only, something around $199 or less.  Hell, make it a subscription model with a monthly / yearly cost, or even make it so you can't activate it unless you already own Sonos hardware.


This obviously assumes the Apple TV can support the required audio synchronization, and I wouldn't pretend to know if it can.






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Hi @frozen burrito.

Welcome, thank you for reaching out to Sonos Community and giving some time on providing your honest opinion about our products.

I'll submit a feature request to our development team regarding Apple TV app. We don't have a timeline we can share for this feature, but we'll be sure to make an announcement if we have any updates.

If you need help with any other information, please be sure to let us know.