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  • 25 April 2020
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I have the following set which has worked fine for the last 2 years

  • Playbase connected via optical to Panasonic tv with 2 Sonos one’s and a sub. These are paired together in one room on the app. 
  • Sonos Amp connected to same TV via HDMI to ARC socket on tv. This is set up as another room on the app but is in the same physical room to the Playbase as connected to the same tv

With this setup I could have the tv audio playing through either the playbase or amp or both together and could group/ungroup on the app so no issues. 

Last night, I pulled the HDMI cable out from the amp which goes into the ARC socket on the tv as I wanted to check if it was high speed.  When I plugged the HDMI back into the amp,  I noticed that when watching the tv, both the playbase and amp were playing at the same time. As I only wanted the tv through the playbase, I  ungrouped both the playbase and amp on the app and just had the playbase playing, I then used the tv remote to adjust volume and the amp started to play. This was the same when I streamed music. 

I cant understand why this is suddenly happening now. I am unsure if my setup is correct and how and if the HDMI cable from the amp needs to be plugged into the ARC socket on the tv? 

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. 




1 reply

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@Richard1975 Sorry for the slow response and welcome to the Sonos Community. What you are describing sounds like your Sonos Amp has its Autoplay feature on. Please use these steps from our line-in FAQ link for adjusting the Autoplay option off for your Amp. Also, be aware that grouping TV audio from your Home Theater surround setup with the Playbase to the Amp is unsupported. That means you may get TV audio dropping, skipping or delaying while grouping the Playbase to your Amp. I would also not recommend having both devices wired from the TV. This could cause issues for the TV as to which source to play out to for the Playbase or Amp.

I am not saying it would not work for you just that we could not troubleshoot audio issues you may run into in that configuration. If after changing the Autoplay feature on the Amp are you still having the same issue when the TV? If yes, then please power re-boot the TV, the Playbase and Amp from power off/on for 15 seconds. After everything is re-booted confirm that the Autoplay feature is off in the Amp in the Sonos app. Next, when you turn on the TV do you get both playing at the same time again? You can follow up here with the testing results along with a new diagnostic report number while/if they are both playing the TV audio.