airplay problem playbar

Hi i have a problem I can’t get to fix

i have in my room sonos play 5 and if I’m playing  a song on youtube and go to my iphone airplay i can connect to the play 5 

but the airplay don’t find the play bar in my living room through youtube airplay only from spotify what can it be?

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The PLAYBAR has neither the memory nor CPU to accept and process an AirPlay2 signal. I frequently group my PLAYBAR with a PLAY:5 in order to get AirPlay 2 data out of it. 

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Yeah. The Playbar is now the oldest of the products in the current lineup and it doesn’t support Airplay. It was released in 2012 or 2013 when there was nothing called Airplay 2. 


As suggested, best you can do is group it with Airplay-capable units. Note that if you bond 2 Play Ones or 5s with the Playbar, they will not support Airplay in that configuration. 

Most people are expecting and updated Playbar shortly due to the current sales on the Playbar and the update to S2 around the corner.