adding to existing 5.1

  • 20 November 2016
  • 2 replies

Here's the deal. I have a playbar, sonos sub, and 2 play 3's which make up my 5.1 surround...i have a 3rd party sub that i would like to add to this equation. Can i simply buy a sonos connect amp, use the sub connection, group the amp to my existing sonos 5.1? i'm finding that trying to add ANYTHING past this 5.1 setup is about impossible and yes I WANT MORE!!!!! and i feel that sonos is limiting me/us and basically causing themselves as a company to lose out on money from paying customers who simply want more...

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2 replies

Sonos does 5.1. Has never claimed to offer more. It's a free market, you buy it or not.
Grouping a CONNECT:AMP with the PLAYBAR would be unsatisfactory. For TV sound it won't be in sync with the PLAYBAR setup.