Adding a Play 5 and 3 to a networked receiver?

  • 27 November 2016
  • 1 reply

I'm wondering if I can connect a Play 5 and a Play 3 to my networked Pioneer SX-N30. I've added Spotify to my system and can play it to my main non-Sonos B&W speakers. I'd like to add two Sonos speaker though in another room. How can I do this without a Connect Or, is there no way to do so?

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1 reply

You'd need a device with a Line-In -- CONNECT, CONNECT:AMP or PLAY:5 -- to get an audio signal into the Sonos system. Sonos units won't talk to non-Sonos audio gear over the network.

(Sonos players may show up as DLNA audio renderers in some control points, but they're not DLNA-compliant and it's an error on the part of the control point.)