Add Front Right and Left Option

  • 15 July 2019
  • 2 replies

I’ve been a Sonos fan for a few years now. I didn’t purchase with home theatre in mind—just wanted a really good system for music. I’ve since migrated my system to my TV room and have a 5.1 setup with Beam as my sound bar. I’m incredibly happy with the sound overall but would love to be able to add another pair of Ones as front channels. I’d drop the cash right now if this functionality was made available, no hesitation.

Just wanted to voice this this since I know Sonos listens to their community.


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2 replies

I think it’s perhaps more likely that if Sonos were to go down this route, they would maybe produce three ‘all new' front speakers that were similar in size and designed to acoustically match and compliment each other, as the sound of something perhaps moving across the soundstage from left to right on screen, for example, would need to be smooth and clean, like it was travelling along a continuous line of sound. I don’t think the Beam was designed to work with this, much wider, soundstage in mind, using separate fronts… so if this happens, I would personally expect we would all need to replace the Beam, rather than add to it.

However this is only my personal opinion, but it would make good business sense too perhaps, to create new products to cater for this purpose, whilst keeping all the currently available Home Theatre setup options open to users.

Completely agree. System sounds great. Just purchased two more PLAY:1, arriving soon, late on the research and just found out I might not be able to use them as front R & L.