5.1 Surround Sound

  • 26 November 2019
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Quick question about 5.1 with Sonos - am i right in thinking that abeam 2x One SL's a sub is a 5.1 system, even though there are only 4 speakers? thanks

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4 replies

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Yes: the Beam is Front Left, Front Centre and Front Right channels and speakers, but all in one speaker cabinet.

As stated above, the “5” refers to the number if distinct audio channels,  front left, center, front right, rear left, and rear right.  The 1 refers to the number physical subwoofers in the room (which is all one channel).


Starship, I just purchased and configured playbar, sub, and One/One SL.

I then connected my blue-ray player with a THX optimizer audio setup available with the movie (some star wars movie) with HDMI output to my new SS 82” Model  QN82Q6DRAFXZA HDMI1 input. I connected the S/PDIF optical from SS to the playbar.

I set my Panasonic blu-ray player to bit-stream and Dolby digital encode.

I set my SS TV to optical output and checked the “status” which showed “PCM” during the menus and when the THX optimizer started, it showed “Dolby Digital” on the SS TV menu. so far so good.

The THX optimizer played each channel 1 at a time.

Front left - this sound came out of the left side of my playbar and nothing else.

center - this came very centered out of the playbar and not surround

front - this came out of the right side of playbar and nothing else

right surround - sound came only from my right, rear play 1 SL

left surround - sound came only from my left, rear play 1

sub - sound came only from my Sonos Sub.

I was so excited/pleased, I almost yelled.

it’s a true 5.1.

now I just wish there was a mode to add 2 play 5’s as front left/right and make the playbar into a center channel only.




for fun, I also set my blue-ray player to PCM and stereo downmix.

the TV showed PCM and the sonos performed a very good, classic Dolby surround, but not really a pro-logic surround. was still a very good surround ambiance, but clearly not 5.1.