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  • 24 November 2022
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I’m looking into getting a Sonos Home Theatre system and I have been getting conflicting information from reps at Best Buy and (old) posts on the sonos community.

Can the following set up work for a true 5.1 surround system; 1 x Ray, 4 x OneSLs, 1 x Sub (gen 3) ?

Also, will the system mesh into the three IKEA speakers I’ve got already for music?

I’ve seen (very old) posts that say ‘no’. And I spoke to reps at Best Buy who say ‘yes’ (some times definite and sometimes ‘hypothetically’)


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3 replies

No. I’m not sure what purpose two of the four Sonos One SLs are intended to be. 

The Ray has center, right and left in it. Then two of the One SLs become the right and left surround speakers, and the Sub is of course the Sub.

Ah, unless you were trying to make the Ray be a center only speaker? Sonos doesn’t have that capability, all of their sound bars are center, left and right in a single enclosure.

You can always ‘group’ rooms in a Sonos system, and they’ll play streamed music in sync. The caveat in all Sonos setups is there is a slight delay between the TV’s room and all ‘grouped’ rooms when playing the TV input, but not when streaming music. It’s small usually, around 75 ms., but noticeable if you can hear both rooms at the same time. 

Thank you all for the responses. I am slightly disappointed by the answer in that I was hoping for one speaker per point of audio. I have decided to get the Sonos Beam plus rears and subwoofer so  I can get my audio sources spread out.

Thanks again.

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If you get a Ray, you can add a up to two Subs and two surround speakers for a maximum 4.2 home theater setup. If you just have one Sub, it will be a 4.1 setup. The reason why it wouldn’t be a 5.1 setup is because the Ray alone is a 2.0 sound bar that lacks a dedicated center channel.

You can group this 4.1 setup with your existing SYMFONISK speakers to play the same music through all of the grouped speakers at the same time. NOTE: When playing TV audio, you will experience a slight delay from the grouped speakers. Streaming music will be in sync though.