5.1 setup

  • 15 December 2021
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Hi I’m wanting to find out what speakers I can use to get a true 5.1 surround. I have a beam and 2 one SLs currently linked together. Can I add more speakers to this chain to get a Effect. I know you can get the sub but didn’t want the extra bass for night time viewing. 

3 replies

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Agreed: the Beam and Playbase (which is what I have) don’t give great width to the soundstage. Maybe one day, Sonos will give us the option for separate front speakers… It has often been requested.

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The .1 is the channel for a sub; without it you’ll just have 5.0. The Beam provides front left, centre and right channels. If you have your Ones bonded as surrounds you have 5.0 now. If the ones are not bonded, just acting as other speakers, you need to assign them as surrounds. 


Hi yeah thanks for that, I understood what the 5.1 was but didn't realise it was using the beam as 3 of the speakers. I have an older theatre system with 4 surround speakers which seem to work better as the speakers can be positioned in the 4 corner of the room.

No prob, now I know thanks