5.1 and groups

  • 19 April 2020
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Thinking of taking the plunge and getting the 5.1 setup (undecided on which soundbar yet). Would I be right in saying that if I'm watching a music concert for example on the TV and the connected 5.1 system I'll be able to group the rest of my speakers around my home so that I can listen to the audio from the concert in other rooms too?

2 replies

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Yes, but with a video source there will be a 75msecond delay. Most people don’t notice it, and in a different room you wouldn’t know anyway. 

You may find that you can bring ALL the playing speakers into audio-sync, by using the HT “TV Dialog Sync” slider bar within the HT ‘Room‘ Settings, but there is a ‘trade-off’ with video lip-sync if watching the TV, but I am often able to find a ‘happy medium’ that can suit all, in most circumstances.