Why is support for Google Assistant and Alexa only available in such asmall number of countries

As i live in an English speaking country, Sonos would not have to translate any form of documentation.

My guess is that it is a royalty question, like paying Google to use Google Assistance or Amazon for Alexa.

Can you give me the reason(s) ?

I know the standard is answer is; We working on making this available in other countries.

I am quite disappointment that I can buy a Sonos One Gen2 at a host of stores in South Africa, but can not use voice control over its 6 microphones.


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Not sure how much of it is royalty/licensing with Google/Amazon and how much of it licensing with SA government agencies.  Or something else.

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I can’t speak to Google, but for Alexa its because its a royal PITA. Even for English languages there are many annoying differences between, say, en-us and en-uk. Testing in all these locales is painful, and you have to provide a way for Amazon to randomly test your stuff against these locales, which is such fun as they don’t have any Sonos hardware.

Orthogonal to this is the problem of music licensing and music service geo restrictions (eg for Sonos Radio), which at least I never had to deal with directly.

Making all the more fun is that this is a pure cost sink (both R&D and running costs for the servers), its not like there is extra income to be had even if you do all this work.

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