Why dont google Sleep sounds work on Sonos One with GA

  • 1 December 2019
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I have 2no Play 1 and a Play 5.  However, recently I have been using a google home mini in my bedroom for nighttime routines with a new born baby.  Black Friday sales come and i see £50 off Sonos One so I buy this to replace a Play 1 and google mini in the same location.


Google assistants sets up fine.


However It wont play ambient sound routines (waves, rainfall etc) through a “night time” routine.


A “good morning” routine will work where it tells me the weather, schedule for the day and morning news.

but foe the “night time” routine it tells me a schedule for the following day, sets an alarm and should go on to play ambient sounds through the night.   But it just stops.


Frustrating as my Play 1 had almost become redundant for the £25 google mini previously and looks like I’ll have to revert back to that. 


The ambient sounds may seem a small thing but its something I use every day to help my daughter to sleep.  


It’s fine selling the whole google and Alexa integration if they actually worked fully, but they dont :( 


If anyone has any work arounds it would be appreciated.  But if not likely I’ll be returning, the whole command thing for the music is not really helpful for me as im an Apple Music user and its not supported,





2 replies

Sleep sounds do not work for me either, and it is very disappointing.  Hopefully that will be something Sonos corrects in the near future.

Sleep sounds are now working on my Sonos!!