What I have found with google mini

  • 15 September 2019
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Starting to get annoyed...

Purchased 2 google minis and a Sonos One to go with my 4 play ones, play bar and bass. Two of the play ones are set up surround sound with the bar.

  1. I have found it is better to start music with the Sonos app. When I ask google to play pandora, it plays music, but I can't say play pandora thumprint. Funny thing is, I can say hey google, stop music, even though I have started it through sonos app. You can also say hey google, skip song.
  2. Someone suggested we upload our saved music to Google PLay. My songs on my computer won't upload. Did some searching, said to use the Music Manager in google, see why they won't upload. Can't get Music Manager to work. Some DLL error. Googled that. Found I should download something from Microsoft from 2013. I could not do that.
  3. If I do say Hey Google, play music from Pandora, how do I see what station is playing? How can I easily change the station?
  4. Casting - when I want to cast, I click the symbol and it only sees the minis, not the Sonos one....
  5. I started a shopping list on the Sonos one, it doesn't show the same shopping list on the minis.
Any tips?

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