Using Assistant with Spotify and Tile

  • 17 October 2019
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I use Assistant on my Pixel 2XL.  I also use it on a Sonos One, which is used by my whole household.  We use Spotify for music.  I originally had my Spotify account linked to my Google account on the Sonos, but quickly found that if someone else used the Sonos while I was listening to Spotify elsewhere (like at work), then my music would stop.  


To fix this, I created a house Google account, and linked that Assistant to the Sonos. Then I created a house Spotify account, and linked that account to my house Google Assistant.  This works great, no problems.


Now I am trying to link Tile to my Google account, so I can ask the Assistant on the Sonos to find my Tile items.  This is more difficult.  I set up my house Google account on an old, unused Android phone.  I am able to link Tile to that account.  But since Tile needs Bluetooth, I can't use Tile on Sonos unless that old phone is turned on and in range of the Tile items.  I don’t really want to have that old phone sitting around, charging, just for Tile.


The solution, I think, would be to have Assistant on Sonos use my Pixel 2XL Google account, but that would break my Spotify setup.  Is there some way I can get Google Assistant on Sonos linked to my Pixel 2XL, AND to my house Spotify?  And at the same time, keep the Google Assistant on my Pixel linked to my own personal Spotify?  Or can GA only see one Spotify account at a time?

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