Unable to play BBC Stations though Google Assistant defaults to Tunein customers ignored!

  • 28 December 2023
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Sonos, when are you/BBC/Google going to fix this ridiculous issue? I can see posts about this from over 12 months ago!

Surely between the 3 of these huge businesses you can fix this minor issue? Or do you just take our money and then ignore us when we have any issues?



Best answer by Jamie A 29 December 2023, 10:59

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2 replies

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Hi Jamie,

Thanks for the response but 12+ months to fix such a minor issue is a little long IMO, surely to update/re-program the API in this day and age isn’t rocket science, Sonos still tries to reference TuneIn.

I would understand if the companies involved were one man bands ran from a garage etc but they’re not! It’s Sonos, the BBC and Google, they’re not exactly short of money?

It looks like none of the above are really interested in fixing this issue.

Kind Regards


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Hi @theZombie,

As posted by the BBC Sounds team in the thread you’ve linked and in BBC Sounds Sonos device playback issues article, the Google Assistant integration is still being worked on but no ETA can be given.

The article I linked above will be adjusted by the BBC when a solution is found, but currently the workarounds are to use Alexa or to start playback from the Sonos app. I’ve also listed this thread as feedback to be provided to our team.