Thoughts so far on Google Assistant on Sonos

First let me say that I’m a Google fan. I’ve sold my soul to Google. And I’m a Sonos fan with Sonos everywhere inside and out, but only one Sonos smart speaker so far.

So I waited patiently as long as I could for Google. Of course, in the long meantime I went ahead and started using Alexa. It’s not perfect, but not bad. Now that I’m trying Google, I’m completely disappointed. Not only has it been harder to set up, I’m finding it more limited. I can’t even access SiriusXM, just Pandora and Spotify. I think Google has completely blown it in the smart home arena. During the long wait, I’ve ended up buying Alexa speakers for my kids’ homes and an Echo dot for my bedroom.

Does anyone have something more positive to say?

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I understand where you're coming from and I don't necessarily think you're wrong. However, I'm hopeful that this is just the very beginning of what's possible with Google Assistant. I think GA has WAY more upside potential than Alexa. So much so that I refuse to use Alexa.

I've never used Alexa with Sonos but from what I've read it also started out with fairly limited capabilities and it's grown quite a bit over time. I suspect GA will do the same.

Yes - we are missing many things right now (speaker group control, favorites, various music services, etc) but I'm fairly confident that we'll get most (it not all) of those and hopefully more.
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I agree that GA has a lot more upside potential, but I think that Google is far less interested in working with Sonos. I'm guessing that Alexa will remain the better assistant on Sonos for many years to come. I am also heavily invested in Google Nest, but I have Alexa on my Sonos.