Strange differences in finding song titles

  • 24 April 2020
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Last night I briefly watched a music special on TV that featured musicians playing acoustic versions of their hits live from home due to social isolation. I liked the first 3 numbers, so for each I asked the Google Home speaker next to me to play that title from Deezer (my currently-subscribed music streaming service). No problem, it found and played all 3.

Later I asked GA on my Sonos One stereo pair to play those same numbers. No go, it found 2 of the 3 artist names, but not those specific titles for any of them.

I went into the Sonos app on my phone and searched for each of the 3 artists. Sonos found each of them under Deezer. Then I looked at their “Top Hits”. Sure enough, there were all 3 selections, and the Sonos app played all 3 just fine from Deezer.

I verified again that GA on the Sonos One can’t find these titles, and that Google Home can.

So what’s going on here?

3 replies

Hey @Doug Ames. Thanks for the call out. I would like to investigate this issue further. Would you be able to send me a diagnostic of your Sonos system? By replying with the confirmation number, I can take a closer look at the response to your commands.

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Not a hardware or networking issue, so a diagnostic is unlikely to help.

I can give you more information:

I also tested Alexa on Echo Dot at the time, and it showed similar behavior to GA on Sonos (2 artists found, no specific songs). Only Google Home was able to locate the 3 songs successfully and play them from Deezer. I tested several times.

I just tried again today, and now Alexa is able to play all 3 songs, and GA on Sonos can play 2 of them - for the 3rd it can still only find the artist. That specific title is: Morgan Wallen - Chasin' You

Google Home still locates and plays all 3 successfully.

Your guess is as good as mine regarding the original problem. Perhaps Google Home applies its own song title search algorithm and refines the title before passing it on to Deezer? But that doesn’t explain why circumstances would have changed.

As for the continuing problem with the 3rd title, perhaps the interface from Sonos to Deezer doesn’t like the apostrophe in the official song title?

Thanks for the reply.

I am able to assess the reliability of how the voice service responds to you in the diagnostic. This would help me understand if the issue is service-communication based or syntax based.