Stop command doesn't work suddenly?

  • 21 November 2019
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Another weird one: I usually stop playback of my Sonos playlists on Sonos One by saying “Hey Google, stop”, because Stop works with all types of media playback on all my Sonos, Google Home, and Alexa speakers. That is, it did until this week. Now suddenly Stop no longer works with Sonos playlists - I have to say “pause” instead. Google Assistant still hears “Stop” - it’s in the Activity log. It just ignores it now. If I say “Hey Google, stop bedroom speaker”, that still works.


Can anyone explain why this quirk would happen suddenly?

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2 replies

I have the exact same behaviour, I have to say “stop playing music” as “stop” is ignored

I’ve sometimes (albeit rarely) have seen this too, in the past, but not sure if it’s because I have gone onto another Google hub elsewhere in my home and used that and then come back to the original Sonos One and whilst the music is still playing, it might be a case that the assistant has lost the focus of what I was doing.

I find that including the Sonos 'Room Name' seems to immediately correct the matter and after that it starts working fine again for me … but it is difficult to pinpoint why the instruction sometimes may not work. It would be nice to find the answer, but I don’t mind (personally speaking) including the Room Name in the instruction.