Starting music from Google on Sonos ONE ungroups my speakers

  • 19 August 2020
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I have a number of sonos speakers throughout the house.  And when I’m the only one home, I group them all together.  Works great!  But when i use voice control to using Google Assistant to play something, it removes the Sonos ONE from group and plays only on the Sonos ONE.  Further, it’s difficult (takes a long time) to pull the Sonos ONE back into the big group.

I looked at the support docs, and I don’t see anything about this behavior.  Maybe I missed something?

Is this just a Google thing?  Does Alexa work better?  

3 replies

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Hi @GregBelf.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thanks for reaching out to us with a detailed description of what is the concern.

I would like to ask if this situation worked previously in the past?

Were there any changes made prior?

Have is a guide on setting up the Google Assistant with a voice-enabled Sonos product.

Another suggestion I would like to add is a guide that discusses all about controlling Sonos with the Google Assistant.

I would also like to ask if we can try the command “Hey Google, Play (music or music title) everywhere? How did Google Assistant behave with this specific command?

I would also recommend submitting a diagnostic to every command, changes, or attempt we do for us to check the status and behavior of your Sonos system.

Please let me know how it goes. We are always here to help.


My best recollection is that with Alexa, whatever group was active would remain.  But with Google, the SonosONE is removed from it’s group and music is only played on that speaker. 

I read the online info, and it appears that Google assistant will always choose to put music on the default speaker, regardless of whether that speaker is in a group.  Also appears that if I don’t choose a default speaker, the default is the one I spoke to with Google Assistant activated.  Either way, the active group is broken.

So, no, the behavior is not new.  Looks like it was designed this way.  But I really wonder WHY.  Why?  If my speaker is a member of a linked group, why not just keep the group active?

Just saw the thread: “Recent update now breaking groups with Alexa”.  Looks like Alexa now does this automatic ungrouping now too.  Poo.

Nevermind.  Maybe when there’s an update I’ll try it again.




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Hi @GregBelf.

Thanks for the detailed and immediate response. 

If that is the case, please do look forward to any upcoming updates as this may be addressed since the issue needs collaboration from both parties. Rest assured if this is the case, our engineering team is already coordinating with our partners to get this addressed.

Please let us know and keep up posted. 

We are always here to help.