Speakers listed twice in Google Home/Google Assistant

  • 2 January 2020
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Just got a Google Home for Xmas and am trying to add my sonos speaker to it.  I’ve enabled the Google Assistant in the Sonos App however now when I go into either Google Home or Google Assistant app, each speaker is listed twice and I can’t seem to delete just one of them. Any one else experienced this before


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7 replies

I too have the same issue - each product is listed twice in both Google Assistant and Google/Nest Home


It seems like other people are having this issue too



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Try saying “Hey Google, sync devices”

I ended up unlinking the Sonos account.  When I did that it removed the duplicates but left the original ones,  Went from 16 devices to 8, yay.

Had the same problem.  The duplicates just appeared one day.  You suggestion to unlink the account seemed to do the trick.  Thanks for your help!

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Having the same issue with 1 of my Player Ones. Sorry if it’s obvious but ‘unlinking my Sonos account’ what do you mean by that?!


Unlinking my Sonos account from inside the Google Home app did work to remove the duplicate devices, but it also removed Google Assistant voice integration from my Beams.  Any other solutions for this? I did come across an issue with voice control when I asked Google to “pause the music” it asked “Which do you want to pause, Greg’s Office or Greg’s Office?”.  I did find that I was able to select both instances of “Greg’s Office” in the Google Home app as the default speaker for the Next Mini in my office.  This seemed to clear up that confusion with voice control, but I still have duplicates in my Google Home app.


For Sara_G, you go into the Google Home app, choose the “+” in the top left, choose “Set up device”, choose “Have something already set up?”, find Sonos in the list that comes up, click on it and select “Unlink account”.  This will get rid of duplicates, but at least for me, will also remove your ability to use the “built-in” Google Assistant on the Sonos products capable of it (Beam, One, Move).


Think I just figured it out.  I had to remove other household members from the Google Home App (Settings/Household/ then click on the member and then the delete symbol in the upper right).  This removed all of the duplicates for me and voice control is working much better now!  No need to unlink your Sonos account.