Sonos speakers on Goggle Assistant no longer belongs to a room

  • 24 April 2020
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For the last couple of days it seems my Sonos products - 3 x Sonos one and 1 Sonos Move does no longer “understand” what room they have been assigned to in Google Home. When I say “Turn on the lights” it will turn on the lights in the entire house and when several speakers hear my command they all respond. It seems they lost the awareness of being linked together in the home and which room they are in. In the Google Home app everything looks correct.

Already tried to unlink from Google Home and set everything up again and for very short periods of time I manage to get the Sonos back to controlling just the room it is in - but then after a few minutes - it’s controlling everything again. I can see a new Sonos Firmware came out just a few days ago so could be related. Anybody else experiencing this behaviour?


2 replies

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See the other thread. Common recurring problem.


You are wasting your time at the moment, and will just mess up your setup.

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This is fixed: