Sonos One(sec gen) GA How reliable is this combination.

  • 30 July 2019
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I have 4 Ones(sec gen) 2 Ones(first gen)they are part of my home theater set up and 2 Beam's They were all controlled by Alexa until the GA download. I never had any problems with Alexa however A was not as good as GA. I was and am a fan of GA. It's on both my phone and tablet
The sec gen Ones and Beam's were changed from A to GA as soon as I received the GA update. No problems straight away however soon had many problems with the GA on the One(sec gen) No response to requests ask for music, radio, turn on/off. No GA problems whatsoever with the Beam's. Got so bad put A back on the two of the Ones. A works perfectly unlike GA. Will soon have A on all the Ones.
Other members of the community have had similar issues with GA on Ones(sec gen) how big is the problem

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