Sonos One + Google Assistant Integration

  • 2 July 2020
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I’ve been pretty patient, gave Sonos the 2 years or whatever it took for Google Assistant to finally come out, I’ve given it close to 12 months since that to see some improvements/fixes. What I’ve seen, is nothing. Absolutely zero.  Now I have a big enough Sonos eco system to know the company, know they don’t give a shit and know this post means nothing to them, so it’s more of my “I’m done with this product” and warning to anyone else looking at One devices instead of actual Google products. This integration is straight trash and let me list why. I had a feeling Sonos would deliver a half baked version of assistant missing some features, but you’re missing key ones that make the automation/product livable. 

  1. Still feels the need to repeat every command back to you. “Hey Google, Turn of the lights”, on a Google product for the past 12+ months has resulted in a small audible ding. Sonos still does the legacy “OK Now turning on the master bedroom lights”. Which leads into 2.
  2. No separate volume control for assistant and music. I love my bedroom yelling at me that is turning the lights off (rather than just doing it) and a loud volume, which is loud because I listen to low volume relaxation music to sleep. 
  3. YouTube Music, which Google is pushing it’s Google Play customers to is also trash. Can’t cast from YouTube app to Sonos anymore (likely a Google issue) but on the Sonos side it can’t do basic tasks. “Hey Google, play Jazz music”….. “Sorry I don’t understand”.  “hey Google, Play music”, plays one song then stops. Numerous other commands that don’t work properly. 
  4. The integration of YouTube Music into the Sonos app looks like someone spent 30min on it. Google themselves have been pretty lazy with the entire YTM transition if you ask me, so not sure who designed it but 2 major players, the end result of the 2 offerings together has absolutely nothing premium about it, which has always been the Sonos advantage. 
  5. The speed in which assistant responds is laughable for certain things. For reference I put a Mini in the exact same location, same everything and it’s night and day how much quicker it actions commands. 
  6. It constantly does not respond on the first command. I’ve tested this to death, Mini works Sonos doesn’t and it’s repeatable. It’s not my volume or not understanding me, it just doesn’t register on the first attempt like it’s going into a sleep mode. 
  7. Voice alarms - Good luck relying on them. They’re very sporadic on choosing to work. 

If you’re looking to be so frustrated you wish you had a physical switch, Sonos One and Google Assistant is the right solution for you. I’m a VERY basic user as well, these are just the bare minimum requirements most people would need out of a voice speaker to feel somewhat polished, who knows how many other things it does poorly or is missing if you dig into the deeper Assistant command set. 

5 replies

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Hi @AuZZZie, thanks for your feedback. We’re doing our best to catch up to all features that would definitely make our customers experience the best. As of the moment, Toggling a voice service’s wake word chime on or off is one of the new features we have added to voice-enabled Sonos products but I’ll surely forward this to our development team. If you have other questions, please let us know. 


I have the same problems.

very strange one if you ask to set alarm say for 7am it says ok. Ask what alarm do I have, you get back your alarm is set for 6am and snoozed for 1 hour?????

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Hi @graham.m0pax, thanks for reaching out! Can you please try to set up an alarm using Google voice assistant and check it in the Sonos app manually if it has been applied? Maybe you have set up an alarm previously. You can also submit a diagnostic of your system and reply to us with the confirmation number to further check in on our end. Thanks! 


hi I set an alarm for 5 am via voice asked via voice what tim is my alarm set for it repeated back set for 4am snoozed until 5 am? looked insinos app system settings / alarms nothing set

Your confirmation number is: 278437884.

Thanks Graham

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Hi @graham.m0pax, thanks for replying. To set an alarm on Sonos you need to use iOS or Android or a Mac or PC. Here’s more information when controlling Sonos with the Google Assistant as well. Let us know if this helps. Thanks!