Sonos Move/Google Assistant/ hue lights - how do I keep Assistant quiet

  • 16 September 2020
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So I searched around the forum and didn’t seem to find this answer.  Have a Sonos move (fully updated) and two Phillips Hue lights connected to their hub.  The Sonos and Hue lights are assigned to the same room but whenever I ask it to turn lights on and off it repeats my commands.  Any way for me to turn this off as it’s rather annoying?  I read they fixed this when you made sure they were assigned to the same room but apparently not?

4 replies

Hi @westofthesun welcome and thank you for reaching out to the Community. We appreciate you contacting us. Currently, using Google Assistant with Sonos only has limited commands. Please click here to view the full details. I will also be asking a few questions to fully understand it:

  • What device(e.g Sonos Move, Google device) are you using to make command when turning on/off the light?
  • Are you having any trouble commanding to Sonos Move for music playback?

If you are using the Sonos Move to make commands to turn off the light, then it is not yet supported. This can be achieved if you are using a Google device such as Google Home. Let us know if you have further questions or concerns. Thanks! 

As stated in the subject I’m using Sonos move.  That’s odd because it controls the hue lights just fine (not listed in the commands link you sent) Oddly I’m not looking FOR a function but how to turn a function off (the voice reply)

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This topic has been brought up many times before in the Google Assistant section of this forum and still hasn’t been solved yet. When will this be fixed?

Hi @westofthesun and @JamesDan thanks for reaching us out to the Community. Google has full control of the said feature and as of the moment, we don’t have that feature available in Sonos. We can file it as a feature request, so our Engineers can work on it and we’ll let you guys know if there is any further update.  Feel free to get back to us if you have further concerns. Thanks!