Sonos Arc Keeps Disconnecting from Google Assistant

  • 12 May 2021
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Reaching out to the community after multiple attempts via Chat and over the Phone to support at Sonos, and trying multiple recommended solutions.


I’m having this weird issue where my Sonos Arc (purchased Nov of last year) will not work with Google Assistant after an unknown length of time. I have set up Google Assistant and it will work find for an hour, 5 hours, a day, maybe sometimes even a week - then all of a sudden when I say “Hey Google”, it will just tell me “There was a glitch, try again in a few seconds” or “Something went wrong, try again in a few seconds”.


I have tried the following:

  • removing Google Assistant and re-adding multiple times
  • removing Sonos from my Google Account multiple times
  • unplugging Sonos Arc and plugging back in multiple times
  • tech support made some updates to DNS settings

After each of the above, the Arc will work for a little period of time, then randomly go back into the “There was a glitch, try again in a few seconds” or “Something went wrong, try again in a few seconds” loop.


My entire apartment is run on Google Assistant (wifi light switches, led lights, led light bulbs, aquarium equipment, etc) and the Arc is my hub that runs it all - so it’s been very frustrating thus far. I work in tech, and I’m puzzled, perplexed and am feeling like I’m running out of options besides having Sonos replace my unit.


Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Hi @Stingd21, welcome to the Sonos Community!

I took a quick peek at some recent diagnostics from your system, and noticed that the Arc looks to be very close to the router based on the signal strength it’s getting.

It may in fact be too close, resulting in wireless interference. As a test, would it be possible to connect the Arc directly to the router via Ethernet cable? It may be worth giving the router and Arc a quick reboot after doing so as well, just for good measure

Let us know if this helps at all :)