Sonos and google - does it work for anyone?!

  • 24 December 2019
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I have been struggling with getting my sonos one to work with google assistant. I have tried everything suggested.

Sometimes it allows me to play music (youtube music paid subscription) and radio and other times it just ignores me. Very frustrating. Currently it won’t let me add anything to my shopping list at all (just ignores me!) although it will let my son add items! Compared to my google mini it is a world away from the voice functionality that has. Does anyone find that sonos/google works and is it worth persevering or should I just accept it isn’t going to work as a google smart speaker? It is under a year old so I should be able to return it as faulty since the google functionality doesn’t work.

I could then either get a google max speaker or use my google mini to pair with another wireless speaker.

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or advice!?


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