Several issues with google assistant

  • 9 July 2020
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I am experiencing several issues with google assistant, all a starting a few weeks ago when google announced new 3rd party assistant features. i dont believe the issues are related to S2 upgrades. 

Fist, and most annoying issue, is that I can’t control any of the lights correctly in my house with simple commands. We’re using Philips hue and I’m positive everything’s set up correctly in the GA and hue apps. While in my family room I can typically say “turn on the lights” and GA will turn on only the lights in the family room. Right now if I say turn on the lights, GA turns on all 24 lights in my house. The only way the lighting commands work is if I specify the room. Had a similar issue earlier this year (with many others) and it just got quietly resolved one day. Never got any feedback on that the deal was. additionally, when trying to turn on a Hue scene like “relax” I usually say “turn on relax”. Right now I get one of three responses. 1. GA acknowledges my request and turns on relax in all 9 groups in my house. 2. GA acknowledges my request, turns lights on (if they’re off) or does nothing (if they’re on). Scene is not relax 3. acknowledges my request and performs the action correctly.

second issue, I can’t broadcast. When attempting to broadcast I get “sorry it looks like there aren’t any other speakers on your home network so I can’t broadcast your message.” I have four GA enabled Sonos setups. 

third issue, voice match not working. It rarely recognized me. I asked GA to turn off LG tv or to check the status of myQ garage door and it wouldn’t perform any action because It didn’t recognize my voice. I had to remove voice match to be able to perform these tasks. 

fourh issue, can’t play any music from any source. My primary music service is Apple Music, but GA doesn’t support that, so I default to the Amazon prime music thing for some songs. When initiating any request I get the following response “ok, playing [song] on amazon music. Sorry, I don’t understand.” I signed up for a YouTube music premium trial account to test and am getting the same results. Every request from every music service that I have ends with sorry I don’t understand.


final thing, not really an issue more of a question. When I’m in the family room and taking to the GA speaker in the same room and I say “turn off the lights” I don’t need GA to say “ok turning five lights off”. I’m in the same room, I can see the lights have been turned off. For a brief period GA would simply play an acknowledgement tone and turn off the lights, and this was awesome. Then something happened and now it’s back to replying with “ok turning five lights off” every time. Does anyone know if this behavior is configurable? I know the brief response is an option with Alexa. 

While troubleshooting that first issue back in may I went through all the hoops of disconnecting/re-connecting each room individually and even disconnecting GA from Sonos entirely. Was kind of a hassle and don’t look forward to having to do that again... Especially since one day a few weeks later everything just started working appropriately for many folks at the same time. 

current setup on S2

family room: play base, sub, one, one sl

office: two ones

bedroom: play:1

reading room: beam

daughters room: one


have an OG play:5 on S1 in my living room connected to a turntable. 

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2 replies

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Welcome to the terrible integration of GA and SONOS 

these forums are flooded recently with more and more issues yet no response from Sonos 

Having the same issue with TuneIn, and many other requests. Responding with “Ok playing (x). Sorry I don’t understand.” Help!!