Setting up Sonos with Google Assistant when using pre-version 6 android mobile devices

I am unable to add Google Assistant to Sonos ‘Voice Services’ because I receive the warning ‘Unable to add Google Assistant’ because “… your device’s Android version is not compatible with GA”. I am running Android v5.1.1
I want to set up a Google Home speaker to control Sonos directly – I do NOT require that I control Sonos via voice on my android mobile device.
At present, I am able to use Google’s ‘Home App’ on my android mobile device to see the Google speakers, Chromecast etc on my network and these show that these are using Google Assistant. I should like the same facility for my Sonos speakers.
Is there a way of setting up Sonos to work directly with Google Assistant on Google Home speakers (I emphasise not on mobile phone) without having a mobile phone/tablet running android v6 or later? For example, is there a way to do this via the Sonos app on a Windows 10 PC?

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