Recyled device shows up in Google Home

  • 4 December 2019
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Hi Crew,


I have a case where an old Sonos system is showing up in google home. When I go to play music via a google hub in the same room, it sometimes tries to stream to the old recycled device. 

I tired to delete the device from google home, but the only option I get is to unlink Sonos which I obviously don’t want to do. 

im assuming this is an API issue between Sonos and google, and Sonos is sending info about the old recycled device, when it shouldn’t. 

any suggestions?

2 replies

Hi there!

I have exactly the same issue. Anyone found a solution to this?


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Hi folks,


@Motodc Do you have any voice enable Sonos products such as Beam or Sonos One?