Playing music through surround pair with GA

  • 4 January 2020
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I have two Sonos Ones setup as a stereo pair.

When I added a Beam I tried to add the sterero pair as right and left surround, but the only way I could do it was to break the stereo pair and link the Beam and Ones together as a surround setup.

I’ve managed to re link Google Assistant (as breaking the stereo pair unlinked GA).

Now, Google Assistant is activated by the Beam and if I ask it to play a radio station (via GA) it plays through the Beam.

if I play music via an app on my iPad such as Apple Music, Spotify etc it correctly mutes the TV volume via the Beam, and plays music on the Ones (I have “ungroup on auto play setting” under home theatre settings for the surround group).

So my question is, how do I get the same functionality via GA voice control as I do with playing music from an iPad app - ie mute TV volume and play music via One pair?

Thank you in advance.

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4 replies

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Sonos associates speakers and identifies them as rooms - eg the Beam in the Lounge. In a home theatre 5.0 or 5.1 setup, the rear surrounds are bonded to the Beam and are all a pert if the same room. You can then set the rears to play Ambient or Full for music reproduction, effectively giving you two pairs of stereo speakers - the Beam being one pair. 

If your Ones are still a stereo pair they are working independent of the Beam. In that situation you can Group them to play the same music source. 

When Ones are serving surround duty the mics are disabled and the Beam is the voice control device, assuming you have it set up. 

hope that helps you. 

Thank you for your reply.

Before I setup the Beam there was a room called Lounge which contained the stereo pair Ones.

When I setup the Beam the Sonos app setup a new room called Lounge 1.

i renamed the two rooms to Lounge Music (containing the stereo pair of Ones) and Lounge TV (Beam).

When I added the Ones to the Beam as surrounds it deleted them from Lounge Music and added them to Lounge TV as surrounds and broke the stereo pair. I now have only Lounge TV with the Beam and 2 Ones and no longer a room called Lounge Music.

Can I now setup the Ones as a stereo pair again, or can they only exist as part or a surround setup OR a stereo pair?

Thanks again.

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They can be a stereo pair in a different “room” (but physically be located in the same room, if you get what I mean) OR they can be surrounds bonded to the Beam. 

So not both then?

Ok, thank you.