One does not play BBC radio when requested via Google Assistant

  • 27 June 2020
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Having ditched Alexa for controlling my Sonos speakers I have been happy with Google Assistant (GA). (Amazon said that the BBC did not allow TuneIn to be used by them so we moved to GA and it does!) I have a Play 5, a Play One and a One. When  I ask GA on the One to play Radio 4 in the kitchen it says the usual “playing BBC radio...” but nothing plays, it doesn’t seem to notice. On my phone app nothing also plays. But if I group the One with either of the other speakers in my system and make the same request it works. Then I have to un- group and it’s happy. How on earth do I get round this as I might just as well put the radio on not the Sonos?

I’ve reset the WiFi and turned the One on and off more than once. Nothing changed.

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