Nowhere near as good as Alexa

  • 18 May 2019
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Been looking forward to this for a while but it seems to be none stop issues:

Assistant only on one speaker of a stereo pair - why?

Ask it to turn up the volume of music and it will only turn up the volume of the assistant tone - what is that all about???

Often says that it cant currently play on this device but but to try another device (or something along those lines).

Often doesn't understand what I'm saying which wasn't an issue with Alexa (although this may be due to the fact that I'm shouting across the room to the speaker with assistant even though I'm right next to one which has mic turned off).

Doesn't recognise different voices

Can't make calls

Got rid of my play 1's to get the new ones now I think I'd of been better of to stick with those and get an actual google home to control them.

I wanted this to control GPM but its proving so difficult I'm probably better off switching to Spotify and back to Alexa.

God knows why this took so long.

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