Move is silent when i toggle microphone ON/OFF

  • 7 July 2020
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Until recently then when I toggled the microphone touch switch on my Move I heard a  message “your microphone has been turned …..” (the light does toggle , the assistant does not respond either)

this has for no apparent reason stopped some weeks ago 


I have two Moves and on the other one it still works and so does google assistant 

I have send a diagnostic #1844755959


it may have occurred after the moves have been stereo paired

1 reply

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Hi @casabrandt.

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community!


I would be more than glad to assist you with this concern.
Upon checking on the diagnostic, for some reason, the voice service particularly on this Sonos Move shows an inactive status.


I suggest setting up again this Sonos Move in the Google Assistant app:

  1. Give the Sonos product permission to use the Google Assistant with your account.
  2. Pick the room the device is used in (Living Room, Kitchen, etc).
  3. Provide your address for location-based services.
  4. Choose whether you want the Google Assistant to chime, to be on or off when you say “Hey, Google”.
  5. The chime is turned off by default, but you can change this option at any time.
  6. Add music services and choose your default music service.

Make sure that any music services you add in the Google Assistant app have also been added to your Sonos system in the Sonos app.

When all selected products have gone through this same process, you’ll be returned to the Sonos app.

You can also check this article, it will guide you through setting up the Google Assistant on your voice-enabled Sonos product.


Let us know how it goes and if you have any other questions or run into any issues, please do not hesitate to reach out.