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  • 17 June 2020
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I bought a Sonos Symfonisk. Completed set up, and everything works. Can get music to play through it.


However, I try to to add a voice service (google assistant) and run into a problem. I’m doing this on my phone. I click add voice assistant, select google, and log in. And ever time it tells me…


“Register my speakers.

You need to link speakers to your Sonos account before you can add this skill. 

Go to More>Settings>Account Settings in the Sonos App (if you don’t see Sonos Account your Sonos system needs updating).”


There is an option to go to the Sonos App, and when I do it tells me my Sonos App needs updating, and to tap the button below to update. When I do, it takes me to the same Google Play page I downloaded it from moments ago, and there are no updates. I go into the Sonos app (S2) Settings > System > System updates > check for updates : and it says there are no updates required. 


No matter what, it always says i need to register the speakers to my account, and that the app is out of date, despite it defiantly being in date. I can see the device in my app, and there is nothing else I can see to do to register it. I’ve gone on my computer to and ensured that my account is verified (it is), and that my country state and zip code are entered and correct. Its all there. Yet it always says my speakers are not registered when trying to get this to work with google, and that my app needs an update, despite it also saying there are no updates available. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app multiple times.


Please help. I only bought this because it said it worked this google home. 


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