Latest weirdness - Google "can't contact Sonos" to pause playback

  • 6 December 2019
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It’s like I subscribed to the “weird bug of the day” club when I decided to put Google Assistant on Sonos. Today I can’t pause playback of my playlist on Sonos. Google can start and pause music from other sources on my Sonos speakers (can’t say “stop” any more, that was the weird bug of a previous day). But it can’t pause playback of my Sonos playlist from my local library - since yesterday it says “sorry, I can’t contact Sonos”, but only when attempting to pause playback of my local playlist.


… and now it’s back after the third test this morning. Sigh, it’s something every day.

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5 replies

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Today’s weirdness updates:


After failing to understand the word “Stop” for more than a month (had to “Pause” instead), GA on Sonos today understands the word Stop again.


But now it can’t play any TuneIn stations. It says “Ok, playing (station)” and then “Sorry, something went wrong”. This is the stations I usually play every day, not the ones it always failed on (a long-outstanding bug for which Sonos has no response). The same stations that fail on GA Sonos continue to work fine on my real Google Home speakers.

I have the same issue since couple of days now, following...

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Hey guys, have you tried syntax that specifies “from TuneIn”?

What is the command you’ve been trying that’s giving you an error? Have you noticed any stations that always work or always fail?

I’m just saying: “Ok Google, play Frisky”. I don’t think it’s a syntax issue, since it’s already agreeing to play it as Doug Ames mentioned in his update, but then saying “Something with with the Kitchen”

‘Kitchen’ being the Sonos One I am using, ‘Frisky’ being a Tunein station I have in My Sonos.

Another thing worth mentioning is that with Spotify content for example there is no issue.

While writing these lines I was actually able to fix the issue.

I ungrouped all the speakers, then grouped them again, while doing it from the Kitchen speaker, like it’s the main one. Now it’s working as before :)

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Mine fixed the “something went wrong” error spontaneously by the next day. Like I said, “weird bug of the day” club.