Latest news broadcast is not read at all by Sonos, but works ok on Phone

  • 17 December 2019
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I have configured Google Assistant to read the latest news broadcasts on request. This works fine on my phone where I first get a summary of the cast to be read, describing news source/radio station, then the timestamp for the latest news and finally the news broadcast.

When trying the same on Sonos the initial summary is read but then nothing of the broadcast is read at all. Is this a known issue?

I find it strange that it can be played by phone but not on Sonos. Some issue with file format/codec not supported by Sonos?

2 replies

I have the same issue, it has never worked on both my play ones, but still work on all Google home speakers/hubs.


I hope the "news" feature will be fixed soon, this issue has been there since Google assistant was in beta for sonos.

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On my system this works OK. So it is possible.