Just can’t play my music services using Google.

  • 1 August 2020
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Hi Everyone

Can I play the music services I have on my Sonos app using the Google assistant on my new Sonos Move? I have Apple Music, TuneIn and Anazin Music.  I know I need the services on both Sonos and Google, but can’t seem to add them to Google.  Is there a command to just play what is set on the Sonos app?

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6 replies

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Hi @Michael UK, thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community.

Once you successfully added google assistant; you should be able to command google assistant to play your Music services.

Do you have the Google Home app? this is where you’ll add your Music Services.

Please take a diagnostic from the Sonos app. So we can verify if google assistant was successfully added.

Settings > Help & Tips > Submit Diagnostic and reply with the confirmation number.

If you have other concerns, feel free to reach out.

Dear Kyle


Thank you for your comments and speedy reply. I have sent a diagnostic with confirmation number 659213645. 

I have both Google home and Google assistant, but can’t see how to add music services to either app, only set the default service to one of two: Google Play and YouTube Music. I don’t have either of these on subscription?

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Playing Apple Music or Amazon Music using voice commands isn’t supported on Google Assistant, whether it’s on Google devices or Sonos speakers.

You can, however, ask Google Assistant on your iPhone/iPad to play Apple Music using voice commands. Music playback will commence on your phone though. At that point manually opening Apple Music on your phone is easier anyway.

But you can always use AirPlay 2 to play music on your Sonos Move using an Apple device, the Sonos app or Bluetooth.

Amazon’s assistant, Alexa, does support Apple Music playback using voice commands and also supports Amazon Music of course.

Just decide for yourself which option is best for you.

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Hi @Michael UK, thank you for taking the time to troubleshoot.

Yes as @JamesDan mentioned Google Assistant has limits.

Apple Music and Amazon Music isn’t supported to work with Google Assistant.

It should, however, work on other Music services like TuneIn; as they support the music service.

Don’t worry about Google Play or Youtube Music as these are default music services you can use.

Try adding TuneIn to Google Assistant and command to play TuneIn specifically.

If it doesn’t play, what’s the response from Google Assistant. It will be our indication.

Update us with your findings.

Dear Kyle


I’m starting to think my common sense has gone AWOL. I look in the Google Assistant and the Home apps and I just can’t find where to add the TuneIn service. The only place that looks like you could add a music service is just the default setting.  A Google search shows people talking about a options called “radio” and “linked services” but I haven’t got any of that. 

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Hiya Michael, there’s no option to add TuneIn as this is already built in to the Google Assistant.

But as you can clearly tell by looking at one of the threads at the top of the Google Assistant and Sonos community page, people have been having problems playing stations on TuneIn lately, including me. 
The response people seem to be getting from the Google Assistant on Sonos is something like “This feature isn’t supported on [speaker name].”
So if you get the same response, you know what’s happening.

You can always manage music services by opening the Google Home app, tapping your profile picture at the top right, then > Assistant settings > Services > Music. You can also set up you default music service from there.

But as @Kyle A has already said, try saying the wake word followed by “play [radio station name] on TuneIn” and see what response you get.