Issues playing music with Google Assistant

  • 18 December 2019
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I’ve got my Sonos speakers linked with my Google account and until recently I could tell Google Assistant, either on my phone or on my Nest Hub, to “listen to ‘artist/song’ in the ‘roomname’” and it would play the choice on the Sonos speaker in that room.


Something seems to have changed recently though. Now if I say “listen to ‘artist/song’ in the “roomname” it ignores the room and just plays on the device that received the request. 


The Sonos speakers show up in Google Home and in the correct rooms, when someone rings my Nest doorbell the Sonos speakers announce that there’s someone at the door, and if I ask the Assistant to “play ‘artist/song’ on ‘speakername’” it will work.


I’ve tried moving the speakers between rooms in the app, I’ve unlinked and relinked my Sonos account and I’ve made sure that my One speakers are set up to use Assistant too, just in case, but it still won’t work as it used to.

Any ideas?

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