Issue with Google Actions with Media playback

  • 11 June 2019
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I'm using my Sonos One speakers with Google Assistant.
Some more details on my set-up:
  • I'm using my setup in Belgium. But I had to set my Sonos account to USA, due to stupid location limitations...
  • My Google Assistant language is Dutch (Netherlands), as Belgian Dutch is not yet supported by Google on smartspeakers
Here's an issue that I'm facing...
I can use most Google Actions without any issues. But as soon as there's media playback inside the action, there seems to be a problem.
2 examples of impacted actions are VRT Nieuws (the Belgian public broadcast) and NOS (the Dutch public broadcast). Both actions allow users to listen to the latest radio news. However, they don't work on Sonos devices, while they work on smartphone and Google speakers without issues.

Is there a general issue that explains why Sonos speakers don't support media playback through Google Actions?

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1 reply

That is because you are using a Belgian beta version of the Google assistant . And that version is not active on the Sonos we have to wait untill july when the dutch version will be released ( zo heb ik het toch begrepen)