Is it possible to add or remove a speaker to a running music stream via Voice command? (GA)

  • 25 August 2019
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As the title says, I know it is possible to do via the app by adding a Room/Group to another one which is currently playing and the music will be played in sync.
As it is a bit annoying to always open up the app when I move rooms, I'd like to just be able to give a voice command (using Google Home) to handle the above mentioned actions.

Currently playing a Spotify playlist in the living room on a Play One stereo pair. I want to go to the kitchen (where another Sonos 1 is currently sitting not playing anything), so I'd like to tell my Google Home for example: "Extend music to the kitchen" and after returning to the living room something like "Stop playing in the kitchen".

I guess it is not possible that way up to now, so I suggest including something like this in the future, because that would make it much easier to enjoy multi-room music. The constant fiddling with the app is a real disturbance given the fact, that voice assistants are now supported (another example: Alarm clock....why can't I set it via voice like "Set alarm on Sonos for 7am"?)

Anyways, I'd appreciate any answers to this as I am currently thinking of getting rid of all my Sonos stuff, just because of that cumbersome app-fiddling thing.

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1 reply

No it is not possible, not even on Alexa, which has more advanced grouping features.