Incredibly Disappointed! - Sonos Move and Google Assistant

  • 5 March 2020
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TL;DR - Decent sounding product that completely fails as a Google Home integrated device.

Returning it. 

I would not have bought this if I realised how badly it integrates with Google Home.  

Sonos need to improve Assistant functionality or remove it so as not to be misleading.


I had a JBL Link 20 which was functioning fairly well except that it started making a popping noise after streaming music.  It happened a couple of times after resetting, so fed up I headed out to buy an updated product..


Not all Google Assistants are the same…

The Sonos Move seems to have a cut down implementation of Google Assistant.

-It expects you to join the Sonos eco-system and play all music through their app. Your streaming services are viewed through their app’s interface.  I never tested installing this app on each family member’s phones because - screw that.

-You cannot cast to the Sonos Move

-You cannot add it to speaker groups in Google Home

-You cannot see music playing on this device via Google home

-Maybe you can, but I was unable to get other Google home products to stop/start music on this device.

-Out of dozens of attempts, this device only told me the current volume level once.  It only altered it once - separate occasions.

-It failed to stop and skip tracks more than it worked.

-It was marginally better in complete isolation from all other google assistant/google home devices, but still did not function to the level I am used to from Google Home and the JBL.

-Wording needed to be very specific for common requests to work - eg: something like “tell me today’s weather” worked, but “what is the weather?”, “what is today’s weather?” and “today’s weather?” did not (they all work for me on Google Home).


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1 reply

Hi. I think this is about expectations and it is a shame you are disappointed.  The Move, like the Beam and the Sonos One, is not a ‘Google Home integrated device’, it is a voice-enabled speaker.

Even so, you seem to have had unusual problems, and i can imagine that was frustrating.  I only have experience of using Alexa on Sonos, not GA, and for controlling my music it works fine.  I would suggest you call Sonos Support to discuss and investigate before you give up on it, but of course that is your decision