Happy to hear Sonos has finally integrated Google Assistant!

  • 15 May 2019
  • 5 replies

I tried to perform the steps to activate but when choosing "Voice Services" all I see is Alexa. I currently have Play 1 and Play 3. Do I have to replace my speakers to enable Google?

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5 replies

You'd need to have a Beam, or a Sonos One, if you're trying only to use a Sonos device.. They're the two that have the microphones necessary to hear you.

Or, you could have a normal Google device to speak to, and control your Sonos from that.
First, thank you for replying!

Is the Play 1 speaker the same as the Sonos One you are talking about?

I do, indeed have Play 1 and a Play 3 speakers. And I have a Google Home display along with 2 Google speakers as well as Google Chrome. I also have the Google Assistant app on my iPad and iPhone.

No, unfortunately not. The Sonos One looks very similar to the PLAY:1, but they're very different. Amongst those differences are microphones, which are required to be an input for either Alexa or Google assistant.

But from what I understand (and I have not done so myself), you should be able to set up using your Google Home Display to control your Sonos, by following the instructions that Ryan pointed out in his post.
Ok. Feeling pretty foolish to not know the difference. At my age (75) it's pretty tough keeping up with you techie guys. 🤭🤔
Thanks so much.

You're not that far ahead of me :)

No worries. As you can see from my post count, I spend a lot of time here, so I'm a tad more familiar than average on the product line. I don't expect everyone to have the same knowledge base, nor was I offended by your question.

A pleasure. Enjoy your Sonos!