Goole assistant when available in Ireland

  • 2 October 2019
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Bought a sonos over a year ago as I was impressed with the sound quality. The selling point though was that it would have google asistant as i use alot of nest and google products.1 year later no sign of google assistant in ireland. UK USA Canada australia who are all english speaking have it. Other languages have also been rolled out. If I lived in Nothern Ireland which is part of UK could get Goolge assistant but not in the south of Ireland. Do not understand. Our accent is not that thick that google would not understand . Nest and other google assistant devices work in the south of ireland.
So dissapointed should have invested money in a different product.
WHY taking so long and no date in sight

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8 replies

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Change the country in your Sonos account on the Sonos site to UK or US. Then it’ll work.

If you do try 106rallye's suggestion above, I think you 'may' also have to change your Google Assistant App 'languages' setting to English (United Kingdom) too, but really interested to know if it works, if you can kindly let me know.

(Note: it’s best to change/replace the languages setting in the GA App, rather than just add a further language to the list).
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I used this work around when Sonos with GA wasn’t available in the Netherlands. It worked, even in my native language, Dutch. GA has been available on other products in Dutch before appearing on Sonos though.
Thanks for the tip of changing country.
Just updated my profile and changed country to UK
Can not wait to go home this evening and see if that works.
Will keep you updated
Ok everbody all I can say is a BIG THANK YOU.Set account to country UK and now I have google assistant on my Sonos. I am like a kid in a candy shop. really appreciate the assist. Now I need to drop hints to the kids that I want more sonos speakers for xmas

@royalwolf Just confirm, Google assistant works for you now in the Republic?

By updating my profile and changing the  country to UK it works perfectly for me 

@royalwolf Thanks for the reply. Have Sonos over a decade with ZP100’s but now have Sonos Ones with the voice option. Making the purchase of Google Assistant today so needed to check it worked.