Google Home and Sonos 2

  • 21 June 2020
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Google Home can't find Sonos since moving to Sonos 2. When I ask Google to play a radio channel on Kitchen for example it says it is going to play it but then says it can't find the device. All Sonos devices are showing in Google Home and it is linked correctly as far as I can tell. Any ideas?

This worked as I expected before the upgrade.

3 replies

Hey, i had this issue too.

I removed the sonos from google home. Set the voice assistent to alexa.

After some minutes i moved back to google assistent and reconnected the sonos to my google account.

Now it works fine again. 

Thanks for that - that didn’t seem to work for me, it may be the added complication that I am using some Google Mini Home devices to do the voice control, they used to be able to find Radio 2 in Tune In and play it on the Sonos device in that room.

The main error I was getting was - “sorry i can’t find what you asked for”.


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this still remains an issue - for weeks now. And nothing to do with S2 (I am on S1)

Google Home with the default speaker set to a SONOS devices returns “Sorry I can’t find what you asked for”

Google Home devices with the default speaker set to the device itself works fine. 

Therefore clearly a problem with SONOS integration/implementation of Google Assistant. 

I get it also for certain artists will play the Beatles but fails to play Jimi Hendrix