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I would personally expect to see "Summer 2018"
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We don’t know but expectation would be by this summer. I would expect personally may-June based on normal Sonos development cycles. This is guess as Sonos doesn’t give timeframes.
Something big coming in April. Possibly Google Assistant, possibly AirPlay 2, possibly Audible support.
I agree that the decision is probably a business one, but I doubt Google has the blame here. Google is in a mad competition with Amazon, and wants as much hardware as possible integrated with the Google Assistant. Also, having the ability to integrate with users' music library works in favor of Google too, as it shows the potential of having equivalent access to an much larger library via the paid service. Besides, Sonos already has access to music libraries via the app, and that includes libraries shared from home computers via the desktop version of the Connector.

Regarding who has something to gain with the restriction, it probably has to do with who gets the data being collected. It would not surprise me if this is at the heart of the artificial limitation. All I can say is that, as a consumer, I am standing at the losing end. As much as I love the sound quality of my Play 5, it is no longer the only kid in the block. It hasn't been for some time. I would not consider purchasing another Sonos product until this is addressed appropriately.

Sonos has stated many times in the past that the requirements for premium or paid subscriptions are decided by the service providers and that they, Sonos, have no input on those requirements.
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Will it only work with the sonos one?
In which case, this will push sonos further out my house. It has already been relegated to the bedroom with a stereo pair of play1s, which sound fantastic.
Google home has replaced it in the kitchen and works great with GPM.
Samsung tablet works great with GPM and all other google dongles, used to cast to sonos as well, but now has been dropped by sonos.
Iam unlikely to buy a sonos one just to get voice in the bedroom.
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I would not be surprised if this is indeed the case -- that the limitation is imposed by Google. In fact, I seem to recall a few years ago, that the same issue on Google Play Music access came up with Google Home as well. But then, after numerous user complaints, it was "fixed".

If this is indeed the case, it would still seem that Sonos is still in the best position to potentially address the issue with the service provider, given their already established relationship with the firm (contacts already established in previous licensing and sharing discussions, etc.). Also, Sonos would have access to their user usage statistics and Google Play Music access issue statistics (gathered from Sonos usage data, this forum, and other sources), which would put them in the best position to best represent the user community in discussions with the provider.

Anyways, crossing fingers that our voices are heard...
There have been no indications that Google Assistant will only work with the Sonos One. That's zero, zip, nada. All indications are that it will operate exactly like the current Alexa voice assistant, and do so on all Sonos devices. Unlike Airplay 2, which requires an entirely new codec and encryption on the actual devices, Google Assistant, like Alexa, works in the cloud via communications between APIs. So there is absolutely no reason why GA and its cloud processing cannot be used with the same Sonos API as Alexa.

As to a date? Sonos has steadfastly said it will have Google Assistant working in 2018. That is all the specificity you are going to get, until they start rolling it out.

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Well the google home was a £80 black Friday deal, and for that price works ok in the kitchen by the sink.
It has been fun with GPM and sending my cloud based photos to the kitchen tv, really easily. We hardly ever looked at digital stored photos before.
£349 connect versus £15 CCA optical linked, is good enough for my needs.
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@simple man I also have a Sonos one and am awaiting Assistant integration but why would you not use the speaker until the integration of assistant? That makes absolutely no sense.
I'm hoping for this feature too as Google Assistant is definitely better than Alexa - I'm using both now. The only concern I have about the release is that Sonos has removed any mention of Google Assistant on the Sonos One webpage when you shop for it. I seem to remember the page mentioning Google Assistant or at least "other voice services" when I ordered Sonos One before Christmas.
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As of today, we've officially rolled out support for Google Assistant on Sonos players, and control of Sonos devices using Google Home devices. For more details, check out our announcement post here, and some of our getting started and tips and tricks posts.

Doesn't work! Thx.
I just got an update for my Sonos one but to my dismay there was no google assistant in it :?:@:(

What’s going on sonos ?

Thanks for your post, ernestotle. We haven't yet announced a release date for this functionality, hence its exclusion from the update. We will be sure to forward your desire for it, the more the better. Let us know if you need anything else.

Can’t wait for the Google Assistant on my Sonos One.
I was originally told that Sonos one would have google assistant early 2018 before Q2. If that is true than it will come before April in this month. I get they don't want to speak out of term and drop a specific date, but some people (including me) bought the sonos one in-part BECAUSE of its advertised future compatibility with google assistant. I thought I could do with alexa until then but i'm hating it and keep just using my google home instead. I know it's a great sounding speaker, but if there's no real indication that the addition will come soon than id rather just return it and get a sony or chromecast audio with another nice speaker as google home defaulting audio to it.
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I was originally told that Sonos one would have google assistant early 2018 before Q2.
Who told you that?
I've been trying to get Google voice services set up on my Beam (living room) and One (bedroom). For whatever reason, the Google Assistant app can find my One in the bedroom, but it can't find my Beam in the living room. When switching back to Alexa, it finds both speakers in both rooms just fine.

I read somewhere that having a Google Home in the same room as one of these Sonos speakers might affect this. I did indeed have a Google Home in the same "room" as the Beam, but I have since changed that.

Any idea what's going on? I tried on both my 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks and still no luck.
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I'd say there's more chance of airplay 2 support coming before google assistant. Airplay 2 should be relatively easy to implement.
For those with an existing Sonos setup, Google home and a waning patience (like me), look up an app called Yonomi. ...

This is just another workaround. Sonos promised the Google assistant native support and people bought it having trust in the company. GA is not only 'play music' but much more things. Personally I use the functions: Goodmorning, how to get to.., music, timers, calendar.
This has been frustrating me also,

However, I heard a demo of the Panasonic GA10 today and I have to say, it was excellent..
I realise Panasonic make Technics and that this isn’t a Technics branded product but it was very impressive.
Pls hurry up Sonos,.!
I own a play 3, play 5, play 1, playbar, base...
I will not be buying any more Sonos products until they come out with Google assist support. Honestly at this point if it's not in the next month I may sell mine and get a couple nice speakers with Chromecast-audios....

Better sell it than, because it's not coming in the next month. Besides, Sonos likes used sales. The people who buy them seem to really want them, and after that they tend to multiply like rabbits. So sell your Sonos to somebody who wants them, nobody should hold onto electronics that don't do what they want.

Of course in a few months when Google support comes out, you will rebuy Sonos, and Sonos likes that too. 😉
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I have posted my desire for GA in other forums. But like others would be really keen for it to appear as soon as possible. Getting fed up with Alexa not understanding what I want!
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I would not expect prior to July timeframe.
It would not surprise me if Amazon paid for a N month exclusive. Integrating GA is just not that hard.

That would go against every historical relationship that Sonos has ever had. They have declared service and voice assistant neutrality. Their API has always been free to any service, they have never paid for any licensing and have not given exclusivity to any service. For them to give exclusivity to Amazon would be very unusual, given this history.
That would go against every historical relationship that Sonos has ever had...

But it is just not a 4 month project (assuming they were only working on it since release). I think an exclusive still falls into the agnostic bucket but this just forum blathering. I was just speculating. I am a fan of their hardware and software so i cannot wait to dump spotify and move back to Google throughout.
A little perspective here might be good. Yes, the feature will be nice to have but holy cow, talk about first-world problems.

I suspect this is the reason companies are hesitant to give dates in the first place. If something gets delayed, people are super whiny about it, implying false advertising, etc. So the whinier people get about it, the more they confirm Sonos's sense that giving a release date is a bad idea.
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I'm not sure what you mean by "integrate"? I'm planning to retire my Home speaker in my living room when the assistant is added, providing it functions in the same way. My mini in the bedroom will remain. There is no reason you can't have several Google speakers on the same WiFi network as the Sonos but you would need to turn off the mic if any other speaker is in the same room, for fairly obvious reasons.