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I have a nice Sonus One plugged in for the past month and waiting for Google Assistant support. Haven't even listened to it because of the lack of feature. I am not willing to use Amazon Alexa since we use Google services for everything. I have superior speakers for other rooms but was hoping this might be a decent kitchen solution. Hopefully you add in Google Assistant before I get tired of staring at a black speaker with an LED light and sell it off for an alternative. I guess this can be considered as my vote casted for Google Assistant/Home and the sooner the better. This was a gift or I'd have returned it straight off the bat and bought a product that supported Google services. Come on Sonos. Don't drop the ball here. I've been in the audio industry for years and avoided Sonos because of the proprietary type operation of the units. I have a couple hundred dollar Sony wireless blue tooth speaker that does the job quite well. I expect more from Sonos.
Any word (or educated guesses) on whether the confirmed Google Assistant integration will also include Google Cast support? And would a GA-enabled Sonos One behave identically to, say, a Google Home and integrate into your Google Home environment (synced groups and stuff) or does it only mean it will be able to answer your "Okay Google" commands?
I’m also looking forward to Google Assistant support for Sonos One, and in Canada
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Have Sonos given up on Google Assistant? Really weird they're so silent about this because people would stop buying because lack of GA support. Buying a Google Home instead... Silence is stupid Sonos.
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I'm willing to bet money it wasn't someone from Sonos.
@palpatine242 At the risk of over complicating the answer @Ryan S provided, the rules he's providing only apply to the Google/Sonos integration. With Alexa/Sonos integration you can utilize Alexa groups to better control where the music plays when you make a request to Alexa.

You can group a Sonos room with an echo in that room so that commands automatically play to that Sonos room. For example, you can say "Alexa, play X" to the echo in your kitchen and your kitchen Sonos speakers will play the music.

You can also create an Alexa group (call in 'downstairs') that has your kitchen, living room, and guest room in it without a specific issue. In that case, you can say "alexa, play X on downstairs" to any alexa device in your home and the music will play in the kitchen, living room, and guest room.

I'm mentioning this for two reason. One, if you haven't bought your equipment yet, you might want to consider going with Alexa over Google if this is an important feature to you. Second, if you are committed to using Google, I think you can be fairly optimistic that the features Alexa currently has will eventually come to Google.
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I wouldn’t be sure of that since Apple can’t wven figure out ho to implement. At least google exists.
For those with an existing Sonos setup, Google home and a waning patience (like me), look up an app called Yonomi. It can link to your Sonos devices and already has voice controls built in natively. You can also create your own custom commands (such as "play my workout playlist").

Yonomi can then be linked to your Google home and voila, voice control of Sonos through Google home. I've been using it for a couple of months now. Works fantastic! You don't even need to say Yonomi in your commands as it natively connects to Google home. I.e. I can say "hey Google, play my workout playlist" instead of "hey Google, play my workout playlist with Yonomi".
Just adding my own wish for Google Assistant - I have a Google Mini, and would like to link it with my extensive Sonos collection. Hopefully soon...
I own a play 3, play 5, play 1, playbar, base...
I will not be buying any more Sonos products until they come out with Google assist support. Honestly at this point if it's not in the next month I may sell mine and get a couple nice speakers with Chromecast-audios....
I returned a Sony LF-S50G back in December 2017 and purchased a Sonos One due to the promise of Google Assistant coming to the Sonos. Quite disappointed that its still not available. The Google Assistant on the Sony speaker was fantastic in comparison to Alexa on the Sonos. Its just a shame the sound on the Sony was so lacking in comparison to the Sonos.

Come on Sonos, it cant be that difficult. Give us Google Assistant for our One's.
Anyone else getting "subscription tier for google play music is not supported"? Do I require a paid subscription for this now?

I get this when trying to stream to sonos but not when I stream to google home device.

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I'm ordering a pare of sonos ones because of this feature.
One thing i know is that I rather have a fully working free of bugs google assistant in my sonos speaker compared to a buggy half-implemented integration.
So if it's taking them long, It's fine with me but once its launches I'm expecting full integration without limited functionality and frustrating experience.
It would not surprise me if Amazon paid for a N month exclusive. Integrating GA is just not that hard.
I just bought the Player 5 because i read that this thread that there was going to be Google assistant for it. I to hope Sonos provides support for it soon. Cheers
I purchased my sonos one in anticipation of this feature. I am heavily anticipating its arrival!

Also, when it's added, will the sonos one integrate well with existing Google home/mini's?
Wow,  I’ve been checking the progress, well lack of anyways, since January. I’m really surprised it is not here yet, we are in mid April.
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I suspect it might be fairly soon, only because Google have now enabled Bluetooth broadcast to other Bluetooth speakers in the last few weeks so, in theory, Sonos might start losing sales. Of course nothing compares to Sonos for sound quality.
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I don’t get the negativity about this. Voice assistant support, while cool, is still pretty meh. Alexa/Google voice assistants, tried them both. As often as I find them useful I find them to be a waste of time. I bought Sonos for the app, sound quality, and above all else, multi-room audio. Now I understand there are people out there that feel empowered by voice control and this is their killer feature. It’s frustrating to wait being one of those people I’m sure. When the moment arrives that another company has approximated what Sonos has, feel free to point out they blew it. I doubt they want that to come to pass. So if it’s taking them a while, it’s because there’s something that’s not fully baked yet. I wish they would be a little more transparent with the enthusiastic fans of their products, but alas we are left to speculate and wait.
Since Google Assistant processing is all in the cloud, I suspect it will operate just like Alexa and be available on all legacy Sonos devices. The problem with Airplay 2 is the processing power of the older units, which is not a problem when all the processing is cloud based.
When oh When is this google assistant integration going to be upon us? I've got 2 One's and can't wait.........
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Very disappointed in Sonos AGAIN. Received the email stating Sonos now has the Google assistant. Updated my speakers only to discover its US only.

Even had the cheek to put a Shop Now button in there. Misleading to say the least.

Just change your country to USA in your Sonos Account Profile. Work fine after that.
I'm still eagerly waiting for this feature as well
I'm holding out too...
I have 2 x Google Home Mini's, Philips Hue and TP Link Wi-Fi Plugs which all integrate into Google Assistant...
Can't be bothered to setup Alexa to then have to change back to Google...
Please hurry up SONOS 🙂

But in the U.K., Alexa lags backwards: no continuous conversation, no voice profile recognition, and getting general answers from Wikipedia or opening hours is way better with google.
+ thé free calling feature on the home is quite a game changer as it replaces a landline.

Echo also has calling. I use Echo Show for video calls to extended family all the time, with excellent voice quality. Google has nothing comparable, yet, though they've been making noises about a video version for ages. Alexa has no problem accessing WikiPedia, or store hours here in the US. Pretty sure it does profiles, too, though i've not set it up.

The thousands of skills available for the Echo range puts it leagues ahead of the competition. Too bad Sonos only supports a fraction of them.