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Starting today, Alexa will be using the same service for business service listings as Google Assistant and Siri.
That's a reach. Yext data surely contributes to some locations in Google Maps by adding links to the menu or booking page, but that's for larger chains and companies, as these chains actually have the means to buy and maintain a Yext subscription. The local places database in GMaps is far more complete & it's collaborative and free so much more small businesses are present.
While I'm sure your fellow countrymen can ask "where's the nearest KFC?" and will probably get a correct answer from Alexa, now, try with a small independent restaurant around the corner.
Guess what, I just did.
And as I suspected, Google Home got it right the 1st time: Name, opening hours, and could even place a call directly to them and get me a table for tonight. Then I tried with Alexa and well...
- 1st attempt: "sorry, I don't know that one"
- 2nd attempt : gave me the opening hours of Dominos pizza instead - I was searching for "pomona's"
- 3rd attempt when I had to spell the restaurant out loud instead : found the correct place but answered "sorry, I don't have the business hours for this location"...

If you don't own a Google Home, just download the Google Assistant app on your phone and compare for yourself.

And that's just for basic local search, and far from being an isolated case. Happens almost every time for any kind of place that's not a large chain. Speaking of large chain, when I'm asking Alexa where's my nearest Boots (equivalent of Rite-Aid in the article you linked to), it mentions only the one that's a mile away on the high street, while avoiding the one that's literally around the corner from my house... sub-par.

And of course, still waiting for Alexa's voice profiles ; mobile/landline calling in the UK ; and continuous conversation (yes, you had it for a while, but for Alexa UK, it's still one request at a time, repeating the wake word every time)

Getting tired of this two speed development Amazon has for Alexa, while Google rolls out its features a bit more evenly around the globe.
Sure, Alexa has more exclusive skills and third-party integrations for now. But on the technology itself, Google Home, for MY use today, looks far more advanced. If the skills developers are porting their apps to Google assistant soon, it will become a no brainer for me.
So that's my use today. Mainly Google Home which rarely lets me down, and occasionally resorting to Alexa for some skills that are not on the Google Home yet. Hence the great advantage if sonos could make both of them coexist on their speakers, so I could get rid of the 2 devices in my living room...
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One question, and sorry if its been discussed, will the planned integration include chromecast support so that i can cast to a Sonos from my phone or from a google home? I would rather rely on the superior microphone in a google mini (and placement can be better), and just have it cast to a Sonos.
In that case I do not really see the use case of a Play One, if you plan to rely on your existing minis rather than on the embedded mic in the One, you will probably be better off with a Play:1 and save £50.
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Thanks Chicks, your press postings are always the first 🆒
This statement is interesting as well “You’ll see more products that address the home in a unique way, and going outside the home as well,” says Spence.
Speakers going outside the home..
Since this update is not coming as promised: is there a way to return my Sonos one that I bought last year assuming Google Assistant would actually arrive? This is really disappointing, probably the last Sonos product I bought...
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[ F ]

Since this update is not coming as promised: is there a way to return my Sonos one that I bought last year assuming Google Assistant would actually arrive? This is really disappointing, probably the last Sonos product I bought...

lol yeah, would be nice to swap for some Google Home Max's at this point.
If you bought from Sonos directly and are still with the open return period, you can follow the instructions on this site. If you bought from another retail location, you'll have to follow their return policy. Sonos has not stated there is any sort of special return program related to this program.

To be honest, I can't imagine there would be any sort of legal argument you make. I don't think any court would accept that Sonos statement regarding Google integration represented some sort of contractual obligation between Sonos and anyone who purchased a Sonos product between then and now. You'd also have to show that you're deserving of a full refund, that you got no use out of the product for the time you owned it, and that the delay in providing the feature caused significant damage. And we're talking about a very small amount of money, so legal fees would surely be more costly than any money you'd be reimbursed. Maybe a class action lawsuit is the way to go, but again, I think you'd have a hard time proving there was some sort of breach of contract. Your case surely wouldn't be resolved before Sonos does implement Google integration, so that would further weaken your case. But I'm no lawyer.

Alternatively, you'd surely be a lot better off by selling your units on the secondary market, like ebay. I would be surprised if you couldn't get at least 50% of your money back, a much better option financially speaking.

Ultimately though, I think it's very wise for consumers to make purchases based on current features, not on promised or projected features, to avoid scenarios like this. You can always make your purchase later once the feature you're looking for has actually been delivered.
Anyone else getting "subscription tier for google play music is not supported"? Do I require a paid subscription for this now?

I get this when trying to stream to sonos but not when I stream to google home device.


I'm getting this same error from the google assistant.
Someone said you need to have a CC on file with Google Play Music even if you're using the free account. Well I have that and it still doesn't work. I even have a $25 Play Music credit.
Using the Sonos App on the phone, I can get Sonos to play my library songs that I uploaded to Google Play Music.
But it won't do the same thing when I ask Google Assistant.
It's acting as if the only supported music source is to stream from a paid account at Google Play Music.
OK Google, play my playlist Brian on Sonos 5
"Sure, my playlist Brian from Google Play Music, playing on Sonos 5"
"Sorry it looks like the subscription tier for Google Play Music is not supported"

That playlist consists of albums from Brian Culbertson in my Google Play Library. These are albums that I own on CD, and I have uploaded to Google Play Music.

If I ask for a specific song, I get the same error response.

It's as if the assistant assumes only one type of music source - a paid subscription account.

Yet, I can ask it to play the same stuff WITHOUT the Sonos, and it works... plays the music directly on the Google Home device speaker.
Yeah, like you could ever be satisfied with anything? Admit it mike, you love to complain, and you are not satisfied unless you are unsatisfied. Just the fact you pine for Sonos to put it it back the way it was, while simultaneously whining about every update not giving you what you want, is proof of that.
OK Ryan, that's good to know, thanks. I suspect lots of folks are like me, using the free tier.

BTW I can startup iheartradio successfully on the Sonos via Google Assistant. But II couldn't get the typical transport controls to work - i.e. volume up/down via voice commands did nothing. Assistant accepted the commands and didn't complain about anything but the volume wouldn't change.

Do you know of any supported ways to play local network content on Sonos and controlled through Google Assistant? Things like network share drives, DLNA, uPnP, etc. I currently use Plex service for this through the Sonos app, but so far I can't find any way to do this through Google Assistant with Sonos speakers.
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November 1st 2018 SONOS wrote a blog post, postponing the launch of Google assistant on SONOS one and beam to 2019. No date given. The post ended with this:
Stay tuned. We look forward to sharing another update in early 2019!
We are now well into April and there is still no word on a launch date. Only new commitments at CES that this will launch in 2019.
So what is it going to be SONOS? When exactly will you launch Google assistant, that you promised people more than one and a half year ago, when you started selling the one?
Please answer this simple question SONOS. You owe that much after all this time of stalling.
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Local content isn't available as an audio source for Google Assistant on Sonos at this time.

There is currently a partial outage of some of the online services, which could be giving you the issue with the volume controls. You can keep an eye on this page for status changes. Until it's back up, I wouldn't worry too much about commands that should work and aren't. As they could just be broken due to that outage.
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Would Google Assistant work with Sonos Amp/Connect/Connect:Amp via a Google Home Mini?
Any Google Assistant enabled device can control any Sonos device using the new Google Assistant integration. You just need to set up the connection in the Sonos/Google Assistant apps.

Also, the Sonos Amp/Connect/Connect:Amp all have a line-in, so if you're looking to use all of the audio out of a device, you could use that if the Google Assistant device you're looking at has a line-out.
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As of today, we've officially rolled out support for Google Assistant on Sonos players, and control of Sonos devices using Google Home devices. For more details, check out our announcement post here, and some of our getting started and tips and tricks posts.Thats great Ryan!

Not be the guy at the party who #$%# all over the good news but I am curious why all the missing features? No calling.. no routines.. No voice match.. We were told the reason for the lengthy delays was that it was supposed to be perfect.. Is there an ETA for full support?

While you can use many Google Assistant features on Sonos, some features, like calling, messaging, and voice matching are unavailable on Sonos devices running the Google Assistant. We aim for the best experience we can deliver on Sonos as a music system vs. trying to do everything the developer makes possible as soon as it's possible. We’re always adding to the experience, and this is just the beginning of our work with Google Assistant, so the functionality and features will evolve over time with software. With Sonos you do get all of the benefits of the Sonos system in addition to the ability to use voice assistants.
Very disappointed in Sonos AGAIN. Received the email stating Sonos now has the Google assistant. Updated my speakers only to discover its US only.

Even had the cheek to put a Shop Now button in there. Misleading to say the least.
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Great, that should work just fine. One note to mention, the Google devices wouldn't be linked with Sonos in order to play the same thing at the same time. But that command will work great.
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Sonos players have grouping built into them. Using the Sonos app, you can make any sort of combinations you'd like, on the fly. But the Google Speaker Group is not currently in the Sonos and Google integration. There isn't a way to group Sonos players together using Google Assistant, but if you have a group of Sonos speakers that set up with the Sonos app, they'll stay grouped together, and you can use the Google Assistant to have all of them play music together. The command for that would be to target any speaker in the group with a play command.

For example, let's say you make a Sonos group using the Sonos app with the Kitchen, Living Room, and Guest Bathroom units. Then, using the command "Hey Google, play some music in the Kitchen" would start playing something in all three rooms, in sync. If you only wanted to play in the kitchen, you need to disconnect the Kitchen from the group using the Sonos app, and then issue the command (or issue the command and in the Sonos app drop the other units from the group).
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You will not get anything other than it is coming in 2018. Sonos do not give timelines on product releases.
2018 is a long time. Buying Chromecast would cost me £30 a sonos unit which is quite expensive considering Alexa does it for nothing??? Come on Sonos - sort it out.
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It takes time for Sonos and Google to work out the integration. Both companies will likely need to create new programming on their servers to make it work. Once they feel it's close, Sonos will likely open it up to testers through their beta program. That's usually done a couple of months in advance of the release. Beta testers are required to agree to a non-disclosure agreement so they can't talk about it in public or with people who aren't also testers.

Google Assistant integration might be a bit faster than Alexa integration, since Alexa was Sonos' first step into voice assistants... but personally I'm still expecting it to come sometime in the second half of the year. Sonos has only said "2018"... nothing more specific at this point.
I'd throw my hat in as well
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I have five Sonos units in my house. When will you have support for Google Home? I would like to stay with Sonos, but I really need a Google-compatable music solution ASAP. Google Home Max is starting to look a replacement. Can you please provide a date when you will release a solution?
There have been no indications that Google Assistant will only work with the Sonos One. That's zero, zip, nada. All indications are that it will operate exactly like the current Alexa voice assistant, and do so on all Sonos devices. Unlike Airplay 2, which requires an entirely new codec and encryption on the actual devices, Google Assistant, like Alexa, works in the cloud via communications between APIs. So there is absolutely no reason why GA and its cloud processing cannot be used with the same Sonos API as Alexa.

As to a date? Sonos has steadfastly said it will have Google Assistant working in 2018. That is all the specificity you are going to get, until they start rolling it out.
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Will it only work with the sonos one?
In which case, this will push sonos further out my house. It has already been relegated to the bedroom with a stereo pair of play1s, which sound fantastic.
Google home has replaced it in the kitchen and works great with GPM.
Samsung tablet works great with GPM and all other google dongles, used to cast to sonos as well, but now has been dropped by sonos.
Iam unlikely to buy a sonos one just to get voice in the bedroom.

It sounds like you're not really interested in audio quality, in which case any old smart speaker will do.
I am not going to buy another Sonon unless you support Google assistant. I would love to pair my current sonos one, but if you are not going to support google assistant then i will have to switch to the google new speaker system.