Google assistant spotty and sonos

  • 17 February 2020
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i have just set up 6 SONOS amps in a house all works in the house i have added Spottily premium 

i am using 6 x Ubiquiti access points all meshed around the property 

when testing the SONOS using the SONOS app all seems to be working well including the Spottily premium

i have now added GOOGLE NEST HUB using google assistant i can ask “hey google play tunein radio in the kitchen” and tunein comes over the sonos in the kitchen

i have added  spottily premium  to google assistant  i have authorised all accounts but google assistant tells me “sorry your Spottily premium  account is not properly linked to from Spottily premium please set up the same account on both google assistant and the sonos account  

which i have done a few time but get the same massage


can anyone help please



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1 reply

@Bills_list Welcome to the Sonos Community and thank you for bringing this question to the Community. I understand that you have added a premium Spotify account to your Google Assistant. Have you also added this Spotify account to Sonos? If yes, does the Spotify service work from the Sonos app? Also, who setup up your network, as we can see a diagnostic report showing you are in both Sonosnet with daisy chained products and on an access point for Station Mode with some of your Sonos products.

After confirming that Spotify works from the Sonos app. I would then ask that you correct the Ethernet wiring of your Sonos products. When possible we recommend wiring Sonos to the router, an unmanged switch or a manged switch with STP Settings properly setup. You do not want Sonos products Ethernet wired to themselves as this could cause broadcast storms. If any Sonos products are not Ethernet wired and are with about 40’ of an Ethernet wired unit they will connect into Sonosnet.

I am not aware of how far apart your Sonos products are, but if your Amp’s are in a  rack and only three or 4 products are Ethernet wired they should all be in Sonosnet. After correcting the daisy chain then please follow these steps:

  1. Power down your wifi network equipment with no lights, meaning no battery backup, for 30 seconds then power back on
  2. Power off/on your Sonos products with lights for 15 seconds starting with the Ethernet wired products
  3. Re-boot the Sonos app on the mobile device running the app after the network and Sonos re-booting are completed

 When all is re-booted and re-connected please test the voice commands using this link as a guide. After completing the above testing please let us know the results and submit us a new diagnostic report using this link and provide us that report number here.