Google assistant multiple ungrouped speakers

Hi all

I have following setup:

Google Home Mini


Play 5 (1st gen)


Google assistant works fine on my Play 5 and Beam. I can ask hé google start Sonos Play 5 > works fine. Hé Google start Tv > works fine.

Only starting my One (in bathroom) doesn’t work. If I ask Google to start Sonos, it’ll revert to Play 5.

What can be that I can enable my different speakers in my house?

Thanks for the assistance!

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2 replies

@dekion Sorry for the slow reply and welcome to the Sonos Community. Have you reached out to anyone in the Dutch Forum? We do not have any diagnostic report numbers to look at for your system setup but registered assets shows as a Play:1 and not a Sonos One. Please confirm that your Google Assistant is properly setup in the Sonos Beam room name. Also, please confirm in your Google Assistant app that you can see all three Sonos products room names recognized in their app. We would also need to see an updated diagnostic report number from your system when you are having the voice control issue.

Also, here are some voice commands to try with controlling your Google Assistant and Sonos products.

Hi @John G 

No I didn’t ask it in the Dutch forum.

It’s indeed a Play 1 sorry for that and Sonos Beam - Google Assistant is setup properly..

I’ve tried again with the new voice commands and it takes it now. I’ll test further and if needed revert!