Google Assistant in Canada

  • 4 July 2019
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I received an email from Sonos today announcing that Google Assistant will now be able to be used with my Sonos system.

I continue to get a message from Sonos that this feature "is not available in your country". Do you whe it will be available?

My Sonos system is up to date.


Peter Douglas

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4 replies

I have the same issue here in Australia. Supposed to be released yesterday, but get the same 'not available in you country'. I've made sure that Sonos firmware is upto date. Checked my address in my Sonos account, I have google assistant installed on my phone and working properly (I have other google smart devices in my house) but still get that message.

***Edit..Just received an message from Sonos
"Thanks for reaching out. To verify our understanding, the issue is that you are not able to add the Google voice assistant to Sonos. If that is correct, please let us know if you have tried rebooting Sonos and your network yet. If so, Please submit a diagnostic"
Exactly the same here. I have been using both Sonos and Google Assistant for years.


Thanks for this. I have not booted my system.

I will try it to see if anything changes.

After rebooting Sonos ... I am connected I think.

Still haven't been able to test it with Google yet.